When the horse you bet on keeps losing, it’s probably time to pick a new horse.

That time has come with the leadership at Town Hall.

Florence has so much potential to be the most vibrant town in Arizona.

So what’s stopping us?

When Tara Walter was elected as Mayor 4 years ago, we were promised jobs, business growth and total revitalization.

Four years later, not much has changed.

Her accomplishments? She highlights seeing some “new homes” get constructed, renewing existing “business licenses” and belonging to the “Association of Governments”, whatever that is.

She fails to mention how the Town gave away our water rights to George Johnson. Or costly pie-in-sky failures like “Innovation Pavilion”. Now we’re being told a sports field complex will save the day -- How much will that cost the Town before it too goes belly-up?

We need a leader who is not cozy with land speculators and disgraced water utility executives.

We need a Mayor who is independent, mindful of government spending, supports police and fire, committed to economic development, job creation and business expansion.

It’s time for new leadership this election.

Mike O'Hara



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