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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Missing from the States Newsroom news item (Dispatch, Sept. 16) about a bill in the U.S. House scrapping plans for a mine at Oak Flat is the other side of the intentional shutdown and unbalancing of America by cutting off wealth needed for a good strong future. When a country stops wealth production (minerals, gas, oil, food, fiber, manufactured goods, etc.), it fosters and ensures more poverty, not less. Society is not bettered, nor the "general welfare" of all.

The same backstabbing — even treasonous — sinister forces now winding up their replacement/murder of our America with their managerial takeover of "the means of production," as the communists long ago promised they would, took over the lives and mining property (large lawful flagstone deposits and eight quarries) of our Rawls family by attacking us. The "good ol' boys" of the U.S. Forest Service — helped immensely by the Interior Department — now sell as valuable Rawls' high-quality flagstone the agencies ruled "not valuable" by doing so Machiavellian-style, using treachery, lies, adulterated/bogus law and standards so as to steal what mining law (and very much hard labor) gave us.

Mining investors have put a billion dollars into the very deep Superior copper project. If it is killed at this very late date, no investor will ever again take a chance on providing such valuable, beneficial and also desirable resources.

After "only" 62 years, our side, our facts, our case was never heard. So will the U.S. Supreme Court soon likewise have the same contempt for our (once very good) lives? And our property! Our facts!

David Rawls



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