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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I’m sure that you’re aware that the Democratic U.S. House majority is poised to pass HR3 — the Lower Drug Cost Now Act. This ambitious measure will directly take on Big Pharma’s ability to gouge American families with skyrocketing drug prices. The impact on working, low income and senior citizen families will be a substantial cost saving.

While the GOP-controlled Senate has blocked nearly 400 bills that the House has passed on behalf of the American people, there is some confidence this crucial bill has a fighting chance.

One of the strongest voices in Congress in support of lowering drug costs has been AZ CD1’s Tom O’Halleran. Congressman O’Halleran has consistently been leading the way on issues regarding health care, the environment, agriculture and human services. He has been a true champion in protecting the well-being of all his constituents.

While the pending impeachment votes and hearings are taking center stage in our national politics, we must keep in mind that Democrats like Tom O’Halleran continue to keep their basic priorities in mind. They are proving daily that investigation and legislation can happen simultaneously. Thanks to leaders like Tom O’Halleran, Democrats are doing the good work of and for the people.

Debbie Broome

Arizona City