Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

In a recent letter, the writer encouraged Tom O'Halleran not to vote for impeachment. He said he would never again be a Democrat because of his "conservative values." Which values would those be?

  • Approving a tax cut for the rich that has mushroomed the national debt for our children and grandchildren to pay for decades to come?
  • Reneging on treaties and agreements so foreign governments don't trust us and openly mock us?
  • Abandoning our allies and allowing them to be slaughtered?
  • Publicly requesting Russia, China and Ukraine to interfere in previous and future elections?

This president is a proven liar, adulterer, cheat and a crook. Don't forget Trump University, the Trump Foundation, the many businesses where he refused to pay for work performed. Do you support his claims to a federal appeals judge and the Supreme Court that no president can be investigated or indicted for a crime, even murder?

He says he follows through with his campaign promises, but what about these few:

  • Mexico will pay for the wall
  • I will release my taxes if I am elected
  • The tax cuts will pay for themselves (but the U.S. lost more tax revenue than any developed country)
  • The tariffs are being paid for by China and vast amounts of money are being deposited in the Treasury (not!)
  • Everyone will have health care and it will be great and cheaper (not!)

The great economy is touted with record low unemployment. But only the rich are getting richer — the majority of people don't have stocks. Talk to young people and older people. They have no savings, can't afford housing and are basically working just to pay taxes. There is record homeless people in every state.

If these are the examples of your "conservative values," you are right — the Democratic Party is definitely not for you. I don't care if this president is impeached — I just want him gone!

Janice Cox

Arizona City