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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Kudos to Yvonne Esther Johnson for her letter recommending Andrew Yang’s book: "The War on Normal People." (Casa Grande Dispatch Nov. 19) What will it take for workers and our society to survive when automation takes our jobs? Andrew Yang believes it will take support by government through a Universal Basic Income. This will be partially paid for with a Value Added Tax.

I first heard of Andrew Yang during the first Democratic debate. He promised $12,000 per year guaranteed by government for every American citizen. I said to myself, “Is this guy trying to buy votes?” After reading his book, I know that is not the case.

In her letter, Yvonne Esther Johnson mentioned some jobs we are all familiar with that are already being lost to automation. She did not include the effects self-driving trucks will create. Mr. Yang notes these robots alone will put millions of truckers out of work and affect millions who support the trucking industry. In his book, Mr. Yang talks about what government can do to mitigate the catastrophic damage awaiting individuals, families and society through massive job loss brought about by automation.

A discussion of Universal Basic Income and Value Added Tax is beyond the scope of this letter but can be found in Mr. Yang’s book. It is a must read for high school and college students and anybody who has a job or will have a job for which a robot is now applying.

John Trainor