Letters to editor logo 1-18-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

John Trainor seems to have his facts mixed up. The so-called "Infrastructure Plan" proposed by the Biden administration has little to do with bridges and even roads and more to do with social issues like home/community care (rehabbing existing homes), affordable housing (for the illegals flooding across the border?), electric vehicles (that cost too much for the average person to buy), broadband, schools (throw more money at a problem that never seems solved), clean energy (that failed idea that caused outages in California and Texas, now to be forced on us on a national scale) and on. Actually only 5% will be spent on "roads and bridges." If you throw in railways and "public transit," whatever that means, you're up to only 12% of the total $2.3 trillion.

As far as paying for it, we keep hearing them say the rich will pay. Well, in fact, they won't pay! We will, in higher costs for goods, fewer jobs and a debt that we and our great-grandchildren will pay for. Do any of you really think that the so-called wealthy people, who now pay about 50% of all the taxes, are going to just roll over? Look at the net worth of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and all the others who are pushing this boondoggle. They are all multimillionaires. Do you honestly think they or their wealthy friends are going to pay for this dumb idea? They won't because they have legions of accountants who do nothing but shift their money around to avoid paying taxes. Just recently Biden and his wife made $15 million selling their books. They formed an "S" corporation and avoided paying $500,000 in taxes as well as Social Security and other taxes.

Brad Marsh

Casa Grande