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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

John Trainor, the ever loyal apologist for any Democrat, tries to paint a picture of Biden as the caring president who wants to save the country by "defeating a pandemic," [as Trainor states] by mandating that everyone get vaccinated! Well, first of all, you don't "defeat" a virus! The common cold, also a virus, has never been "defeated." As far as foolishly thinking that forcing everyone to be vaccinated will somehow "stop" the virus, again, people who have been vaccinated are getting the virus again anyway so people ask themselves "why"? Old Joe promised several times that he would never mandate anyone to be vaccinated. He also said several times that if you got vaccinated, you would be safe from the virus. Either he was confused or just plain lying or both. Either way, he now has assumed dictatorial powers and is going to force you to be vaccinated or lose your job for starters! That's for today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring from our dear president.

Probably the biggest hypocrisy of the Biden administration is, as American citizens, we are being threatened unless we get vaccinated. For the so far 1.2 million people who are flooding over our open border, no such regulation is being imposed nor are any of them even being tested for the virus. These people who have crashed our border are being bused and flown to cities all over the U.S.! Talk about spreading the virus! Now you can make your own deduction but for me it appears that Joe Biden and his subordinates are more interested in helping illegal aliens than in protecting the people of this country, some of whom elected him.

B. Marsh

Casa Grande


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Three points: First, at last count, between 94-99 percent of Covid patients recently flooding our hospitals were unvaccinated. The vaccinated were clearly helped by being vaccinated. Most vaccinated did not contract the virus and the symptoms of those who did were mild by cmparison with those who shied away from vaccination.

Measles, Polio, Small Pox are viruses that effectively are defeated as long as the population continues to be vaccinated.

If you believe Covid vaccinations don't work, what would be the point of vaccinating people who come across our border?

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