Mullen: ‘Third party’ inspector works with Meritage


We appreciate your interest in our unfortunate ongoing disagreement with Meritage Home Builders LLC. We would like to set the record straight with facts in regards to the response given to your newspaper regarding my interview with you.

Fact: You quoted Camille Jenkins, a Meritage representative, saying that Meritage has hired two third party inspectors to come out and see if my claims were true.

Let’s break that down for a minute. “Third party” is a person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation, especially a dispute.

The inspector they sent was from the Felten group. The Felten group is the same company on record with the city of Maricopa as the structural engineers and designers of my home.

Well it’s time that David pulled that curtain back and exposed the truth and deception of this Goliath. I have been doing my own homework, I went to the city and pulled everything they had on record for my home from start to finish.

So when this so-called “third party” inspector showed up I asked for a card and the company sounded familiar. Not thinking much of it the inspector walked the property and preformed her tests. As she was leaving I asked if I would be able to see the report when finished. “No, it’s confidential to our client Meritage.“

Let’s be fair and do this with a inspector who is at arm’s length with all involved. An arm’s length relationship is between two parties who are unrelated or strangers; thus each owes no special obligation to the other party. The term is commonly applied in areas of taxation, corporate law and contracts, describing parties who carry out a particular transaction, each acting in self-interest.

Shame on you! Stand behind your products.

Can’t we all get along?

Tim Mullen and family


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