I would like to take a moment to share a special experience I had yesterday after eating lunch in one of your local restaurants.

I live in northern Arizona and have been working the past several months on the Gila River Community building some homes.

On occasion I will come into Coolidge and grab some lunch.

Yesterday after enjoying my lunch at Casa Palomino I paid my bill and returned to work.

Following work I was traveling back to Mesa where I stay during the week and stopped to gas up my truck.

I reached for my wallet to initiate the gas pump except there was no wallet in my pocket.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain that feeling of horror when you realize your wallet is missing.

I immediately looked up the number to Casa Palomino and quickly called them knowing that was the last place I remembered having my wallet.

One of the Servers answered the phone and I asked her if I had left my wallet there earlier in the day at lunchtime.

She calmly reassured me that they had my wallet and were waiting for me to call. You can imagine my relief when she told me they had it safely secured in their safe.

She then went on to tell me that a kitchen staff member had found my wallet and given it to the manager for safe keeping.

I then called a dear friend of mine Bob Lowell who lives in your Community and asked if he could pick my wallet up for me until I could get back the next day and retrieve it which he happily did for me.

Now for the rest of the story......

My wife and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary early next month.

I have been saving a little each week out of my pay so I could surprise her with something special for our anniversary.

You see there were 17, one hundred dollar bills in my wallet that I have been slowly saving up. Not to mention my ID and credit and bank cards.

That is why I want to share the special experience I had with a few of your local neighbors at Casa Palomino.

When I was able to retrieve my wallet from my friend today. The entire contents of my wallet remained intact, nothing disturbed and nothing missing.

Today I returned to have lunch again and was very anxious to meet the individual that showed so much personal integrity and honesty to do the right thing and turn my wallet in to management.

I was very grateful to shake his hand and personally thank him for his great honesty and goodness. Thank you so much sir, it was a true pleasure to meet you and shake your honorable hand.

My small world has been greatly enhanced and uplifted by the good character and actions of this man and his coworkers.

These fine people are your neighbors and have represented your community in an exemplary way. They have left a forever good impression on this visitor from the northern half of our fine State.

Thanks to all involved and may their good works come back to them in some very special ways in their own future lives as well.

Thank you Casa Palomino and thank you Coolidge!

Best Regards,

Ron Lee

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