Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Yahoo News reported only negative responses regarding the American Olympic team that beat the Russians in hockey years ago and were supporting President Trump at a rally in Las Vegas.

The team was criticized for wearing Keep America Great hats. So what, they are private citizens expressing their support for their candidate for the upcoming presidential election. They are not bound by any restriction who they support just because they represented the U.S. hockey team at a world event.

The First Amendment of our Constitution gives all citizens the right of expression of ideas regardless whether you like them or not.

Same thing applies to Bernie Sanders, who supported Fidel Castro in Communist/socialist and now Communist Cuba today even while Sanders is a sitting U.S. senator. I completely disagree with him and his support for Castro and Cuba, where thousands of opposing citizens have died, fled to other countries and are still in prison today. He does have a right to his opinion.

Recently two teenage boys were riding their bicycles with Trump flags on the ends of fishing poles attached to their bicycles in Hobart, Indiana, when a car driver forced them off the road and stopped and assaulted them and ripped the flags from the fishing poles. Fortunately neither of the boys was seriously injured and those responsible were arrested on felony charges.

I find those supporting socialism have not done their homework regarding what it does to a country once it becomes socialistic. Equal outcome, all sharing the same misery, reducing everyone down to the lowest level in our society. Just ask those people in Venezuela and Cuba.

America is on a threshold, which will harm this great country if we cross that threshold in November. Vote intellectually in November.

Ed Van Blaricum

Casa Grande