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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Kevin Cavanaugh's overblown, pontificating column in the Sept. 21 issue of the Dispatch would have benefited from the sharp pen of a good editor. His justification of his very political decision regarding the rejection of federal grant money was definitely long on words and low on non-partisan substance. In his three-part defense, he loads up on dog whistle words and stories such as his versions of the history of "take a knee," "defund the police" and "Justin Trudeau-esq apology letters." Add to this his description of the grant funding as a Biden/Democrat conspiracy to "further President Biden's political objectives" and "divide Americans"; one can clearly see how his tainted vision affects his judgment.

He speaks of the need for knowledgeable leadership but clearly does not see the irony of the use of the George Bernard Shaw quote "Beware of false knowledge: it is more dangerous than ignorance." This statement so aptly fits Republican leaders and their refusal to speak the truth and support the facts regarding COVID-19, vaccines and the Big Lie in order to further their political gains that I laughed out loud. And in light of the ridiculous fraudit happening in our state, I just can't miss the opportunity to note his obliviousness when he complains that some of the grant money must be transferred to an "unknown private contractor."

Stephen Miller owes no apologies for his vote or his comments. I support the votes of Mr. Miller and Mr. Goodman and hope that this decision will be overturned at the county supervisors meeting on Sept. 29.

Gayle Reck

Casa Grande


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