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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Usually, I can barely stomach a piece written by Cal Thomas. Today's piece, "Slanting of COVID-19 coverage," is an exception. Mr. Thomas follows the lead of Trump by castigating the media for their slanted coverage, using various quotes from Nicolle Wallace, David Brooks, Thomas Friedman and Joe Scarborough as examples. The thing is, those quotes all ring true in exposing Trump and his Republican sycophants for the inept, unfit bunch they are. So, I encourage Mr. Thomas to keep at it with the quotes. Keep showing the disaster that is Trump and the Republican Party. I love it!

To analyze further, let’s look at other articles in today's Dispatch: 1) Problems with the small business loan program preventing funds from getting to the true small businesses that need them. 2) The terrible treatment nurses received, here in Arizona, from re-open protesters egged on by Trump's "Liberate" tweets. 3) The response from residents on the border to continued construction on the wall, despite concerns about workers and Border Patrol coming into their small, isolated communities and possibly bringing the virus with them. 4) Health care facilities, in San Diego, that had planned to hire foreign nurses to deal with a shortage and now can't, due to his immigration ban. 5) The dangerous nature of Trump's "medical statements" in general.

I guess from all of this I should determine that the conservative-leaning Dispatch is slanting their coverage as well? Nope. There’s just too much out there to be ignored.

Nicholas Moorehouse

Casa Grande