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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Mask mandates are nothing more than pandering to a society so consumed with fear that they are attacking others for not conforming to the mandate. It was a novel idea, borrowed from the Spanish Flu virus of 103 years ago, when there wasn't much else to do. So far it appears to have been a worthless exercise since almost everyone has been exposed to the virus anyway. To prolong it is to punish people for exercising their constitutional rights!

If you ask 10 people who are still wearing masks if the mask protects them, they will say "yes." Their thinking goes along with the idea that covering a part of yourself will prevent something from happening. Like wearing a coat on a cold day, or putting a Band-Aid on a cut, the mask protects you from the virus. Wrong! The mask protects others from getting the virus from you. The worst part of the mask mandate is that any configuration or material is acceptable for a mask. Whereas an N-95 mask prevents you from spreading 95% of your germs, [assuming you are contagious], the other cloth and paper masks are usually less than 50% effective. The Chinese, ever the inventive people that they are, made masks and labeled them N-95 when in fact they weren't even close. The U.S. government bought millions before they discovered the ruse.

So why wear a mask? I have had conversations with people [friends only] still wearing a mask and when confronted with the facts they just say, "It makes me feel safer." That's fine with me and a lot of others. But I, like others, am sick and tired of being ordered under threat of jail time to wear a mask!

B. Brannigan

Casa Grande


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Ralph Atchue

Over 700K deaths are not enough to convince this writer. How many dead Americans before it's understood that COVID will not "disappear like a miracle"?

Ralph Atchue

Over 700K dead Americans is not enough for this LTE writer. How many deaths before we all accept that COVID will not "disappear like a miracle"??


The olde folks had it right when they said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." The deaths of more than 700,000 people in the U.S. continuing at the rate of 1000 a day should cause everyone to take reasonable precautions. Second guessing whether masks or vaccines work after science has proven they do is a fools errand. Local, state and federal goverment exists to make mandates in the interest of public health and safety -- that is what they do. Try driving your car for long without a current registration sticker. Try getting a sticker if you live in Phoenix or Tucson and refuse to get or fail to pass your emissions test. Not one of us has the freedom to not be a member of our society and subject to its commonsense rules.

Ralph Atchue

Exactly correct. Thank you Demosthenes!

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