I was very disappointed, though not surprised, to find I was the subject of another of your stories after it was already published.

The premise of Katie Sawyer’s April 30 article, “Maricopa announces 'limited openings' after pressure from council member,” is an email exchange I had with a constituent. Your paper contacted the constituent for comment but did not provide me the same courtesy.

Unfortunately, it's become a predictable pattern. The same thing happened with Ms. Sawyer’s predecessor, who wrote an accusatory story about me without soliciting my side of the story.

Furthermore, your paper refuses to publish letters to the editor I submit, including those addressing pending state legislation that would have a major impact on Maricopa and, presumably, your readers.

Is your discriminatory behavior because you disagree with my politics? Or it is because my “day job” as co-owner of InMaricopa directly competes with your company? Whatever the reason — and none can justify your actions — you continue to do your readers a serious disservice with your lack of journalistic integrity. As the owner of a media company, I know contacting the people you write about for comment is something journalism students learn in their first class (and undoubtedly reinforced in every class thereafter). And as a public official, I know you know how to get in touch with me (hint: Maricopa-AZ.gov).

You should be ashamed of your irresponsible reporting and apologize to your readers — or remove the misleading motto on your nameplate. You have considerable work to do before claiming you are a “Trusted News Source.”

Councilman Vincent Manfredi