Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

It is very apparent to those of us whose homes are on a busy street there is an increase of modified exhaust systems both on passenger cars and pickups that exceed standard noise limits.

A standard factory-installed exhaust has a noise level of 75 dBA, and some states have limited exhaust noise to no more than 95 dBA. The Geneva Convention states that excessive noise used in interrogations of incarcerated inmates is considered torture, and that is banned by most countries.

Arizona law states (A) A motor vehicle shall be equipped at all times with a muffler that is in good working order and that is in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise.

(B) A person shall not use a muffler cutout, bypass or similar device on a motor vehicle on a highway.

Operators of vehicles with non-standard exhaust systems in my observations tend to be very aggressive drivers, which leads to speeding, unlawful lane changes, following too close, passing vehicles in no-passing zones and running red lights. Any of these infractions could very well lead to injury or death of an innocent person or persons.

When a police officer stops a vehicle for a routine traffic violation, I would like to see the officer ask the operator of the vehicle to put on the emergency brake and flashers and ask the operator to accelerate the engine to at least 2000 rpm to determine if the operator's vehicle is in compliance with state law on noise.

It is then up to the officer to determine what course of action to take.

The time has come for Arizona citizens to enjoy an outing on their patios or backyards without having a constant noise interrupting their conversation with family and friends. Let's enforce excessive noise laws on vehicles, it may save a life.

Ed Van Blaricum

Casa Grande