Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

So the ACLU is not happy with a public database to slander and smear our police officers; they want it to be easier for the public to find and harass police officers on the list. The so-called Brady List was started many years ago by individual prosecutors to identify police officers with “credibility” problems. That is information helpful to prosecutors as it can directly impact future prosecutions; I support its existence. But the ACLU wants the list to include any and all officer misconduct, which usurps the authority of chiefs and sheriffs. Disciplining police officers is the responsibility of the agency head, not the ACLU.

The original intent was to assist prosecutors in assessing credibility issues from police officers before testifying in court. The ACLU now wants to use it as a “scarlet letter” to harm and harass honest police officers who made a mistake and to ruin their careers.

By the way, if we are going to start making lists and branding people, I’d like to see a Brady List for prosecutors who cut corners and make shady plea deals, and attorneys with pending complaints before the State Bar. Shady judges alone could be a very long list. Let’s put everyone on a list, starting with crooked politicians.

Luis Martinez

Casa Grande

The writer is a retired police chief.


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