To the citizens of Coolidge,

After working 35 years in the public safety sector, I am retiring. I have been given a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time assisting with the care of my parents, and I wish to take advantage of that as both have health issues. I have fond memories of many years spent at my previous agency, but my nearly nine years with the Coolidge Police Department have been the most rewarding of my law enforcement career.

It has been an honor, a privilege and a pleasure to serve the citizens of Coolidge. I have had the opportunity to build friendships with members of the community and co-workers that will last a lifetime.

I am very proud of the Coolidge Police Department and what it has become during my tenure as a commander and then chief of police, all of which was accomplished by the incredible men and women, sworn and civilian, of our agency. I am hopeful that the next chief will build on the platform of changes and direction our department has initiated, and take it to even greater heights.

It’s a comfort to know that I will leave the police department in the very capable hands of a dedicated, highly trained and caring team of employees who know the community well and understand and respect the needs of our citizens and city leaders.

I thank the amazing community of Coolidge for all of your support. I thank Mayor Thompson, as well as all past and present council members, for their unwavering support for public safety. I also want to thank our City Manager, Rick Miller, for his leadership and always striving to make Coolidge a better place to live and work. A special thank you to all of the city department heads for allowing me to work side by side with them and share a common vision to provide the best services possible to an outstanding community.

Last, but not least, I wish the very best to the police officers and civilian personnel that make up the Coolidge Police Department. They have a very difficult job. I respect and admire them for their dedication and call to duty to protect and serve the members of our community. Our police officers and staff truly care for the citizens of Coolidge.

God bless Coolidge and the Coolidge Police Department.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve as your police chief.

Jim Malinski

Chief of Police