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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Mr. Branagan’s car analogy really caught my attention on Saturday. I’d like to continue that with a slightly closer look at the car Trump has fixed.

When considering the U.S. economy, we’re really looking at two separate cars: The one Trump talks about is the Lexus — anyone can see it has raised the income for the already wealthy and blown up the national debt. The lesser known car is the one with three flat tires and slipping transmission — it has left America’s working families behind. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that 44% of Americans 18-64 have a median annual income of $18,000. Sure, we’ve got historically low unemployment numbers and a healthy stock market, but that’s not the entire economic story.

Whichever Trump car you’re looking at, you can’t help but see all the dents, rust and bumper stickers attached, many of which are written in Cyrillic and authored by V. Putin himself. Close inspection shows ads for a night's stay at Trump’s hotel in exchange for political favors. The blood on the grill is from allies betrayed on the battlefield and coerced in a phone call. A piece of bumper is missing, presumably to help build the infamous wall that Mexico was to fund.

Please don’t open the trunk. If you do, you’ll be hit with the stench of caged children and women who have been sexually assaulted and then publicly humiliated. 

So yes, the car analogy is quite appropriate. My questions are simple: Is this the car you want the world to view as made in America? Is this the car you want to leave for future Americans? Is this the car you’ll vote for in 2020?

Carol Clark

Chair Emeritus, Democrats of Casa Grande