I’m clearly the underdog challenging career politician Pete Rios. Rios has lived in a three bedroom single family home in Apache Junction, valued at $301,362, on .41 acre lot where his now adult children grew up and went to school. I’m happy for them, yet the problem is this house is not in the district Rios is elected to represent. Rios continues to be untruthful and claim he lives in an abandoned trailer, placed on his friends' land in District One. Voters deserve a supervisor who lives in their community full time, not a trailer with an electric bill allowing him to qualify for the ballot.

I do live in the district and have actually placed my life on the line for 23 years in the Sheriff’s Office protecting the hard-working families and my neighbors in District One. When you look at the problems of this district, Rios does not have much to show for his 35 years in elected office. 

Those of us who actually live in the district are right to feel neglected with county resources focused on development and services in Casa Grande and San Tan Valley.

We need more uniformed deputies in rural areas of the county and Rios has done everything to stop this from happening.

Many senior citizens are forgotten and are homebound. Mental health services are lacking for those citizens that are in crisis. 

Rios must go. We need a supervisor who is honest and cares enough to live among the people he represents. 

I would be honored to earn your support and your vote in the Democrat primary for Supervisor District One.


Ruben Leos

Candidate, Pinal County Board of Supervisors