Letters to editor logo 1-18-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

How did LD11 get more than its fair share of extremist and dangerous state legislators? Sen. Leach is known for doing all he can to undermine the will of Arizona voters, Rep. Finchem is being recalled because of his encouragement of the Jan. 6 insurrection and now Rep. Roberts is publicly attacking lifesaving COVID-19 vaccinations.

These three are among the most far right fear and hate mongers in a state Legislature jam-packed with “Big Lie” and weirdo conspiracy theorists. While the craziness can usually be written off as bizarre or even silly, Roberts has crossed the line into becoming a public health risk.

In two separate CG Dispatch articles, Roberts is quoted as bragging about not being vaccinated and questioning the efficacy of the approved vaccines. He makes some ridiculous comparison between Hepatitis C (spread by sharing injection needles) and COViD-19 (spread mainly via the air). He minimizes the deadly impact of COVID-19 across America and implies that only people over 72 need worry and that those deaths aren’t important anyway.

Rep. Bret Roberts is a public heath risk. As a state legislator, he has a responsibility to provide honest information to his constituents and he has failed in that task. The CG Dispatch front page headline quotes Dr. Cara Christ (state health director) saying Roberts’ comments are hurting vaccination efforts in Arizona. But headlines aren’t enough to stop science deniers like Roberts — the voters of LD11 need to take direct action.

Please call 800-352-8404 and tell Rep. Roberts to stop putting Arizona lives at risk by spreading false information regarding COVID-19 vaccines. Let him know that we, the voters, will not tolerate his dangerous dishonesty any longer.

Mike Hurley

Arizona City