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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

This letter is in reference to two “cartoons” that have been viewed on Vince Leach’s Facebook page: one that has a woman with a baby in her arms and “Black Community” written on her hip and a donkey on the couch by her, while she is bemoaning the fact that she’s scared to leave the Democratic Party because it has told her she “would never make it on her own.” The other is picturing a white woman being robbed by a Black man, and he’s saying basically “lots o’ luck — the police have been defunded so they’re not coming to save you.”

Because of this blatant display of racist, misogynistic and insulting opinions on his Facebook page, Arizona state Sen. Vince Leach has convinced me that this is his mindset and that he does not belong in a leadership role. Not only does he express his own personal feelings and thoughts regarding the current racial crisis, he also speaks for the party, the Republican Party, on this issue as well as the issues of policing, welfare and the relationship that the Black community has with the Democratic Party.

Supporters of Mr. Leach, is this OK with you? Are you fine with saying “yes” to a guy who publicly demonstrates this kind of low opinion of Blacks and women?

Please consider openly denouncing Vince Leach, the senator for Legislative District 11. He is an embarrassment to the people of my district and should be censored at the very least and reprimanded by his party leaders. I hope his people realize that he is only reinforcing the view that the Republican Party is racist and intolerant and has a condescending attitude toward women and minorities.

Ann Turner

Arizona City