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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

They’re at it again! State Legislative District 11’s Leach, Finchem and Roberts are abusing their powers by sticking their collective noses into business that’s none of theirs.

Saturday’s Dispatch article by Joey Chenoweth points out that these political extremists are calling on Arizona’s attorney general to prevent the Pima County Board of Supervisors from taking action intended to keep the public safe. Never mind that the Pima board took action based on input from over 120 members of the business and faith-based communities. Never mind that the Pima action is in compliance with CDC guidelines. Never mind that overwhelming citizen feedback has been not only positive but is asking for even more restrictions.

This is a familiar pattern for these three extremists. They’ve thwarted attempts by voters to clean their local environment, take a sensible step on gun safety and shine a small light on campaign financing — each of these in communities well outside of LD11 borders.

Meanwhile, I’m left wondering why these elected representatives are not lifting a finger to increase COVID testing in a state that recently ranked 51st in the nation. Why aren’t they pushing for heightened safety precautions before opening public schools? Why aren't they screaming for more protections for residents and staff at nursing homes? Where is their action regarding the growing number of domestic violence cases in Arizona or the poor heath care available for veterans?

The answer is simple: They don’t care about anything but political power. The solution is also simple: Run them out of office in the 2020 election. LD11 can do so much better!

Robin Jenkins

Arizona City