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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

It is interesting how often Republicans criticize Biden for actions (and inactions) that apply equally to Donald Trump. The latest examples, by Edwin De Smith (Oct. 28) include:

1) Media coverage helped Biden get elected; media over-exposure got Trump elected in 2016.

2) Hunter Biden’s questionable investments; Trump and his adult children’s questionable financial dealings are still under investigation.

3) Promised to unify America but instead split us; Trump did more to divide Americans than any other modern president.

4) All about retaining power and creating a one-party system; again, Trump has demonstrated these tendencies ten times over.

5) “Can you imagine a president, any president, saying, “I might get in trouble if I say this”? De Smith apparently has forgotten the numerous times that Trump prefaced a controversial statement with those words. For example: “I shouldn’t say this,” just before praising Montana’s Gianforte for assaulting a reporter, and “I shouldn’t say this because I want to unite … but the fact is we’re driving them crazy.” These are just two of many such statements made by Trump.

Republicans need to examine Trump’s history, behavior and quotes before hurling charges at Democrats, charges that their idol is guilty of. Otherwise, they may be perceived as hypocrites. (gasp!)

JP Pierce



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John Trainor

Like so many who denigrate Biden and defend Trump, Edwin De Smith simply parrots right wing media talking points. It is unlikely they would be able to express an opinion without Fox News. Great analysis JP.

Ralph Atchue

Trump was and is a self serving bully. He cares only about himself with no regard for America or democracy!

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