While I am delighted to see the photo and coverage given to our friends at Jesus Died for U Ministries and to my colleague and friend, its pastor, Lupe Garcia, the article suggests what simply is not true.

And what is true is that Community Presbyterian Church is alive and well, even if not so great in numbers that we can wisely support the use of a building much too large for our needs.

Community Presbyterian, like virtually all mainline Protestant churches then in existence, simply does not have the number of members it had when the building at the corner of Third and Pinkley was built, and it is self-indulgent and not good stewardship to take what people contribute for the work of Christ’s Church and use it all maintaining physical plant rather than in teaching, mission and evangelism.

Community Presbyterian’s governing Session, composed of members elected by the congregation, and its congregation as a whole took the strategic decision that selling the buildings and using the proceeds to plot out a more productive future made more sense than doing nothing. For example, as part of the transaction with Jesus Died for U Ministries, we have a three-year lease on the single story building at 279 W. Pinkley — note the new LED sign we have just mounted. We have made improvements to enhance worship — we still worship in this building at 9 a.m. on Sundays — including comfortable new chairs and a large video screen that I hope enhances the worship I take delight and privilege in leading.

We seek to serve by employing faith, reason, and humor — except that as a great American humorist, Mark Twain, once said, “Rumors of my (our) death are premature and greatly exaggerated.”

For a reasoned and thoughtful yet humorous approach to our relation to God, I would like to think it is hard to beat Community Presbyterian.


John A. Johnson


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