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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Does the Republican Party still exist? What was once the Grand Ole Party (GOP), seems to have morphed into the Party of Trump (POT). Please let me explain.

It’s the POT that thinks blue states should be forced into bankruptcy, failing to acknowledge that those blue states are net “givers” while red states (including Arizona) are net “takers." It’s the POT pushing workers back into unsafe jobs, risking their lives while shielding corporations from any liability. POT loyalists continue to pay homage to the daily COVID briefings filled with bragging, lying and suggestions of self-poisoning. Trump’s rhetoric is encouraging violent protesters, characterized by many as terrorists, across America with no POT pushback! Arizona’s POT chair, Kelly Ward, attacks our heroic medical professionals for wanting to keep Americans safe and healthy.

Amazingly, the CDC has listed fact-based guidelines for reopening state economies while the president encourages governors to violate them. As of today, not a single state has met those federal guidelines. No POT outrage can be heard despite Trump ignoring all the early warnings and nearly two months of inaction to lessen American infections and deaths. In fact, the POT publicly celebrated passing the 60,000 (and climbing) death mark as “a success”!

Why isn’t the POT questioning where the $500 billion in corporate bailout money is going? Why are the truly small businesses pushed to the back of the funding line? The POT no longer seems to give a damn about fiscal responsibility or accountability.

Many give Ducey credit for trying to take the right steps in safely reopening our state. Yet his careful approach is being undermined by POT state legislators like Kelly Townsend.

Yes, the way I see it, the GOP has gone to POT. If we give Trump another term, I’m afraid our nation will go to pot!

Ralph Atchue