Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I just love to find and extol irony when it’s used properly. By dictionary definition, irony is “the use of words to convey the opposite of their literal meaning." This transition season seems like such a good time to lay out a few of my most recent favorites.

“Socialism will destroy America”: Uttered by many as they cash their Social Security checks, obtain health care using Medicare, eat produce from farmers who get federal subsidies and pump fuel from oil companies on the public dole.

“We’re pro-family and pro-life”: As they applaud ripping families apart, caging children and refusing to wear face coverings during a global pandemic raging out of control.

“We love America and democracy”: While they actively seek to undermine election integrity because their chosen candidate lost, while they seek to disenfranchise the legitimacy of voters because of race or where they live — disparaging that which separates fragile democracies from ruthless dictatorships.

“Widespread election fraud”: Shouted near a porn shop by a man with hair dye running down his cheeks and eyes as big as the flying saucers that brought him the claim — yet, when questioned under oath by a judge in a court of law, that same man said, “No fraud here, your honor”!

“We support law and order candidates”: As they voted for the most dishonest and corrupt politician in American history.

I, of course, saved the most ironic of them all for last: President #45: “I won this election in a landslide”!

Ralph Atchue