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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I would like to give my comments on two major news stories that are going on in the world today. The first is the impeachment of Trump. I believe it is too little too late. I would really have hoped they would have been able to remove him from office, but the Republicans will not let that happen. They are so afraid of losing their jobs if they stand up to evil. There is something that is called courage. When you are afraid to do something but you do it anyway, that is courage. I believe that most Republicans, if they saw Trump shoot someone in front of the Capitol building, they would say there isn’t enough evidence to prove he did it.

I am a Democrat and always have been, but it doesn’t stop me from voting for whom I believe is the best man for the job. I even voted for Bush Sr. when he was running. If Trump was a Democrat, I would still feel the same about him. He spent $45 million of our taxpayer money just playing golf in 2017. What do you think of that?

The second news story I would like to make a comment on is the possibility of war with Iran. When are we going to stop getting into these endless wars? It is easy for someone to order other people into battle to fight and maybe even die when it is not them. I spent a year in Vietnam and witnessed the inhumanity to man, and after killing, we gave it back to them. In Afghanistan, it seems like we have been there forever. Some of the men over there are younger than the war itself.

LeRoy P. Slater