Letters to editor logo 1-18-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Is it true that we, the legal citizens of this country, are paying for and providing necessary resources for our in-coming illegal immigrants to live and become illegal residents of this country? Do we provide food, shelter, health care, education, job training, driver's licenses, Social Security cards and the ability to participate in decision-making reserved for legal citizens of this country to these people — at no charge, responsibility to repay our cost or have no sense of accountability to this country relative following our guidelines, speaking our language, becoming legal citizens, etc.? If this is happening, why are we doing this and not taking care of our legal citizens first at a level that is respectful and beneficial to those who need it? Example: our homeless citizens, our service people who have served our country, our disabled vets, our elderly in terms of affordable/free health care and medicines after a certain age, an appropriate Social Security payment that is not a laughable disgrace and actually helps them pay their rent/medicines/ food/etc.

Are these people not important to our governmental policy makers? Are our illegal immigrants more important? Maybe we should clean up and solidify our own home/country before we give away our resources to our visitors/illegal immigrants. If we did that maybe we wouldn't have to add to the taxes we charge every time we want to do something to improve our lifestyle, or upgrade our infrastructure, help our lacking education system, hoping we are doing all the right things to look good to the rest of the world, etc. Maybe it's time to help the "right" people before we help outsiders, before we open our doors wide to anyone who wants in — free!

Lanny Johnston

Casa Grande