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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I read a recent letter to the editor from Janet Myers, who appears upset with the Republican Party and our Republican president. Well, after I read this and recovered from the narrow-mindedness of these types of remarks, my only relief was to respond from my point of view. First, it would appear that she was somehow absent when the recent impeachment hearings took place on our time by the "other" party while they were being paid to work for you and me and the rest of our country, so I ask, were those the "conservatives" she is talking about? Secondly, I am curious, are our only "corrupt" politicians "Republican" or are there "corrupt" politicians on both sides of the aisle? Thirdly, it is my understanding that you and I both voted most of those people into office and that they technically work for us and not President Trump; he is basically our manager of those around him. 

Fourth, let's visit the remark that indicates that President Trump has gotten people killed with his advice; does advice really kill people, or do the people listening to this advice use that advice blindly and without personal wisdom? 

And lastly, Ms. Myers asks us: Is he (Trump) worth it? Well, from where I stand, no one likes everything our president does or believes in (I have felt this way about almost all of the presidents during my 78 years in the best country on Earth), but they, unlike the other politicians we vote into office, have to leave office after two terms. Shouldn't we hold the others accountable too and throw some of our stones at them and put them on limited terms too?

Lanny Johnston

Casa Grande