Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch

Our lame duck governor and virtually every GOP state legislator propose using federal grant money to bribe Arizona school districts to ignore CDC COVID-19 health guidelines. That’s right — as the delta variant rages across our state and nation, these politicians plan to misuse federal funds to put their ideology ahead of scientists and health professionals. As more children/students become infected and hospitalized, the GOP wants to put them at even greater risk.

House Minority Leader Reginald Bolding referred to this plan as a “Hunger Games situation” — pitting districts and students against each other. Congressman Greg Stanton warns that these funds are intended for all schools and “not to be used for policies that undercut scientific research to pursue purely partisan ideological priorities."

Is this the Arizona you want for the next four years? The leading GOP candidate for governor, Kari Lake, is already committed to even more radicalized governance. She’s put her allegiance to Trump on full display and now she’s cozying up to one of the most extreme politicians of them all — Paul Gosar.

Arizona needs steady, experienced and pragmatic leadership. Gamesmanship and divisiveness have no place in governing during tough times. Political extremism is counterproductive and hurts our businesses and families.

I’m supporting the one candidate for governor who will always work on behalf of Arizonans’ best interests. Katie Hobbs has the experience and temperament to be the governor we need. Katie proved her commitment to Arizona’s families when she worked to usher in expanded health care coverage for our most vulnerable. She continues to fight to protect our access to the ballot box.

Arizona voters have a chance to un-radicalize our state in 2022. We must elect Katie Hobbs as our next governor!

Patricia Atchue