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The article that was released on Friday states that Dimon Sanders, who recently moved to Maricopa from San Diego, said she was met with hateful words and a thrown drink as she tried to enter into the parking lot of Starbucks for her weekly coffee run. I spoke to some of the people that are in the picture with the Maricopa Police Officer, and all of them said there was no drink thrown and no hateful words yelled at her.

As far as her claims that we were blocking her from entering, we are very mindful and courteous of people entering and exiting the parking lot. I let our people know to make sure we are not obstructing the right turn lane or the entrance. Our people do walk in front of the entrance to get water, but we do not block.

We have been doing our Trump flag waving support of our president for six months now with no issues, and now with the Biden supporters just now giving their support with their flag waving across the street, we are now being accused of throwing things at cars and yelling hateful words at people. I have been participating in our flag waving events every Saturday from the beginning, and we get a lot of support from honking cars in support of our president.

Now, Dimon Sanders is claiming that someone yelled “You don’t belong here” and “Trump wants a white utopia.” That doesn’t even make sense. I cannot imagine someone even making up that kind of sentence. We have been doing these “Peaceful” events every Saturday for months, and now according to Dimon Sanders, we are now becoming violent, throwing things at cars, and yelling at people? As I stated earlier, I have participated every Saturday for many months. I am usually at the entrance to the Starbucks parking lot, and I have never seen or heard any of the things that Dimon is accusing us of.

The Democrats have been showing up these past two weeks to do their own flag waving event every Saturday to support their candidate Joe Biden. Since they have been showing up, they have thrown water at some of our people. A truck with a Biden/Harris sign drives up and down 347 for a few hours.

When the truck enters the Starbucks parking lot and as he exits right in front of us, he stays there blocking our flag waving before finally making his turn out of the parking lot. This past Saturday, this man came over and was getting violent, pointing his middle fingers at our people, even brushing his fist at one of our Trump supporters, see attached video. Later that same morning, two of the Biden people crossed the street to our side, got in our faces and called them “white supremacists.” This is all in one day.

I pose the question. If we have been doing this flag waving support event for months with no issues, and the Biden supporters have been doing theirs for only two weeks, who are the ones bringing in the trouble?

Marty Hermanson



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