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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I would like to share a positive experience that I witnessed a short time ago. A very close friend of mine who is 89 years young called me to ask for help. His problem was that he had a flat tire on Trekell Road next to the Casa Grande Union High School student parking lot and was unable to get road service help. When my wife and I got there we found him and his wife stranded, frustrated and hot in the afternoon sun. We took him to a tire store, but the person at the counter indicated that they no longer offer that service.

At that point the next man in line (Gilbert Trotter, a recent retiree) spoke up and said he would help. Mr. Trotter indicated that he would be waiting about an hour to get his wife's car done and he would be glad to help. So, my friend rode with him, and they stopped by Mr. Trotter's home to pick up his "low boy" car jack and then drove to the school. Mr. Trotter then proceeded to quickly jack up the car and change the shredded tire. He put the damaged tire in the back of his truck so that it would not get the trunk of my friend's car dirty and then took it back to Discount Tire. It was one of the nicest and most selfless acts of kindness I have witnessed in a good long time. Thank you, Mr. Trotter.

While Mr. Trotter was changing my friend's tire, two different groups of high school students stopped to see if there was something they could do to help. That was also very impressive and encouraging to see of some of today's youth. Thanks to them too.

Lanny Johnston

Casa Grande


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