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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Those of us old enough to remember the very first Earth Day in 1970 recall a much different environment. Back then, gasoline and paint still had hazardous levels of lead, Lake Erie actually caught on fire due to pollution, most American rivers were void of fish and the skies above many cities were blanketed in unbreathable smoke.

We have, indeed, come a long way since then. Hard work by scientists partnering with citizen commitment has paid dividends. Our lakes and rivers, our roadways, our skies and our lives are cleaner and healthier. At this time, however, we might want to take a cautionary look at what’s happened in the past three years to put all those gains at risk.

Since 2017, Trump has not only pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord, he has publicly, jealously and foolishly tried to humiliate Greta Thunberg — the teenage face of saving Planet Earth. While these acts have gotten a lot of attention, they are merely the tip of a very destructive iceberg.

Here is but a short list of the environmental protections weakened by the Trump administration: Endangered Species Act, auto emission standards, coal debris and residue allowed in our waterways, levels of mercury and heavy metals emitted into the atmosphere.

A fragile environment barely making a comeback that took 50 years can be pushed to dangerous levels in the blink of an eye. If we continue on the current trajectory, four more years would be devastating! Please stay alert and engaged; together we can continue to strive to keep our Planet Earth a safe and happy home for generations to come!

The Democrats of Casa Grande will have a special 50-year anniversary of Earth Day newsletter issue available on our website; check it out: www.DemsOfCasaGrande.org.

Carole Clark

Chair Emeritus

Democrats of Casa Grande