Was shutdown really necessary?


I was pretty disappointed to hear that our school will be closed off for the rest of the year due to COVID-19. The thought of doing online school made me cringe. Unfortunately, this is all because of the mandatory lockdown.

During my stay at home, I thought about how the economy would be in shambles after all of this. By locking everyone inside, we are looking at a recession soon. But there could’ve been an alternative method to this.

By looking at coronavirus statistics, the death rate is significantly larger for the elderly and people with preexisting health problems. About 50% of people who get COVID-19 don’t even show symptoms, therefore they don’t even know they had it.

Considering that, we should’ve quarantined only those especially vulnerable to the virus. That way, the economy wouldn’t be messed up as it is today. The healthy people can get back to work and at least stabilize the economy. If they get COVID-19, chances are, they’ll just come down with a fever. If they are afraid of getting COVID-19, they can lock themselves in their house.

Same with schools, we never needed to close them down. If parents want to keep their kids home, they can. But most kids would be unaffected and would want to go to school.

Sebastian Gralian

Boy Scout Troop 389