Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Greetings to all those who referred to my previous letters regardless of your stated position — nice to see such energy, interest and engagement. Well, here we go again.

The GOP is on the wrong side of virtually every significant issue in Arizona and across the country. The extent to which they ignore the evolving science regarding the mutating COVID explosion is heartbreaking and breathtaking. Governors like Ducey and DeSantis put conspiracy quacks above CDC recommendations. They’ve tied the hands of local authorities, school boards and colleges to prevent them from enacting basic lifesaving measures. Their actions are enabling disease spread and the potential emergence of even more deadly variants. Before you go off about freedom from mandates, think about clicking your seat belt; observing stop signs and no smoking signs; speeding, drunk driving restrictions; the eradication of smallpox, polio and other infectious diseases. Don’t let the GOP convince you that public safety and health should not be mandated — this is about saving lives!

New revelations tell the horrific story of Trump’s attempted post-election coup. The “Big Lie Fraudit” continues ad nauseam in Arizona. GOP state legislatures are finding more creative ways to suppress the vote and steal upcoming elections. And the beat goes on.

Perhaps the most troubling of all issues is global warming/climate change. The latest report warns that we’re reaching the tipping point much more quickly than previously thought. As we see ocean levels rise, more frequent and destructive storms, should we allow the GOP to ignore the warnings? The entire planet is ablaze right now — drought in some areas is contrasted with deadly floods in others while our forests burn. Despite these obvious existential threats, the GOP screams, “Drill baby, drill”!

I’ve had enough — have you?

I look forward to reading your follow-up comments.

Ralph Atchue