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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

It has become nearly impossible to follow the number of ways the GOP is finding to mute the voices of voters and undermine the very fabric of democracy. Many of us are dismayed and frightened seeing the dismantling of American norms and values as the Trump administration corrupts the Department of Justice and the intelligence community.

Yet nearly as dangerous is the conduct of the controlling GOP in the Arizona Legislature. With the nonstop cacophony, it’s easy to miss what’s going on closer to home.

In the Legislature, GOP committee chairs Townsend and Farnsworth have silenced citizens who waited for hours to speak out on pending bills. Like Trump, they wouldn’t allow dissent to be heard.

Legislative District 11 state legislators Vince Leach and Mark Finchem are again pushing legislation that will: 1. make it nearly impossible for citizens to implement their constitutional right to refer initiatives to the ballot; 2. make it easier for those initiatives that do pass to be overturned; and 3. gut many protections of voters’ rights.

As a citizen, and not a member of any party, can you take an objective look at what’s going on? Are you willing to allow democracy to be weakened and ultimately destroyed in the name of power and corruption? As has been stated in recent letters to the editor, democracy is already on a slippery slope — it won’t survive many more downward pushes.

Gayle Reck

Casa Grande