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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I recently received a communication that made false accusations about one of my colleagues. I feel strongly that each of us has a responsibility to stand for truth, and not remain silent while misinformation is spread, which is the intent behind my comments today.

To provide some background, our practice of opening board meetings with prayer has recently been called to question by outside groups that feel prayer may be offensive. We always want to be sensitive to the needs of our population; however, while I cannot speak for other board members, I myself am completely in support of including prayer. In my opinion, it is imperative that we have our Heavenly Father guide us to make the best decisions for our constituents. 

The recent communication I referenced stated that during the last board meeting, our chairman, Supervisor Miller, unilaterally suspended prayer based on this practice being questioned. This is simply false. The facts are this: No one supervisor can make decisions for the body as a whole, all board members are aware of this. Our board is structured in a way that decisions are made by a majority vote, and at times a unanimous decision is even required. I believe Chairman Miller is in complete support of maintaining the practice of prayer, as he has previously stated. I would like to believe that all our board members are working diligently to ensure prayer is included in how we conduct our business.

It is disappointing to me and frankly disheartening to see false statements being made by a colleague regarding our chairman. Chairman Miller has served the people of Pinal County diligently for years. He works harder for our people than many, and is an honest and outstanding civil servant.

Mike Goodman, Vice Chairman

Pinal Board of Supervisors


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Thank you Honorable Supervisor Goodman! Your words are true and your level of restraint in describing what was actually raw slander ginned up again by the same newbie Supervisor against Hon Mr Miller and the Board. The flat -out lying that the blog was written by others at the moment of being caught is and was preposterous.The guy is making a buck on the backs of our County's fine public servants and it's reputation. Throw the bum out!


Freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion. A prayer at the beginning of a board meeting hurts no one. With all the issues facing this nation, people are worried about a prayer? Ridiculous PC garbage.

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