Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Regarding the story about EPCOR complaints:

I found some parts of this article somewhat contradictory. The criticism of EPCOR having to deal with George Johnson’s mess are a little out of place. The folks in Anthem will have good water and waste systems. The odor has been a major issue and anyone driving up or down Hunt Highway has to admit the odor is significantly improved. And EPCOR continues to improve on it.

What I find duplicitous is Vice Mayor Cordes’ comment about EPCOR not giving a break to residents who go north for the summer. Florence Gardens residents have asked for this exception for years and the town of Florence has never granted it. They currently pay $72.52 per month for water even while gone during the summer. I guess it is different if it is your ox being gored.

I think everyone can agree that a situation that has been a bone of contention and totally out of control when Johnson owned the utility is now being addressed by a responsible company. I believe the town of Florence government should stand behind EPCOR rather than complaining about them.

Ralph Johnston


Why use our ID for anything?

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

If I understood Ralph Atchue’s letter correctly, he believes that providing identification to vote is racist. OK, on that premise can we stop providing identification to: get a driver’s license; get a Social Security number; draw Social Security benefits; get a job; open an account in a financial institution; purchase property; get a mortgage; get a credit card; obtain insurance; get medical industry treatment; prove you’re really that heir in the will; have your signature notarized — ad infinitum.

I left “immigrate” off this list because it’s obvious that providing identification to immigrate is no longer a requirement.

If I misunderstood, please correct me. Thank you.

M.C. “Katie” Pape

Eloy area


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