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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Imagine this taking place in any state by any party:

County Sheriff: Hello, Governor. Our county has seen a dramatic increase in gang activity that threatens the safety and property of our citizens. I’m asking that your upcoming budget include funding to help us with manpower and equipment in this fight.

Governor: Hello, Sheriff. Yes, I see you have a serious problem that needs attention. First I need you to do me a favor though. I’m facing a serious challenge in the upcoming election and I want you to announce a criminal investigation into my foe.

Sheriff: Ughhh???

When the state’s attorney general learns of this, the response is to impanel a grand jury and seek an indictment of the governor. This is not an attempted coup, it is following the rule of law.

Impeachment is a constitutional process — not a coup. It is the legal recourse that empowers Congress to remove federal officials, including presidents, when the indictment (House) is warranted for trial (Senate).

Have you ever heard of a trial with no evidence, documents or witnesses? Clearly, over 75% of Americans support a real trial. If the Senate proceeds with a sham coverup, then violating public trust and the rule of law falls shamefully on them.

Gayle Reck

Casa Grande