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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Florence Copper, saying that its permit to operate its production test facility is valid and meets all the requirements of state law. This is a great decision for all of us who are fighting for jobs and the economy; bad news for Mayor Tara Walter and Councilwoman Kristen Larsen, both of whom have spearheaded an anti-jobs, anti-economic development agenda since being elected to the Florence Town Council.

Walters and Larsen have lost every one of the legal challenges they have voted to support against Florence Copper, costing we the taxpayers millions in failed litigation costs.

But there is more to their anti-jobs agenda. Take a walk around downtown Florence. You can count over 25 “for sale” or “for lease” signs on buildings that are vacant, dilapidated or in need of repair. That’s unacceptable. That’s economic stagnation. That’s poor leadership.

The fact is, Walter and Larsen have failed to help business owners get established and thrive because of overly restrictive, anti-business policies. The Town Council has failed to create high-wage, high-value jobs — rather, it has exposed taxpayers like you and me to footing the bill for its legal folly. If allowed to continue, the council will drive our town toward bankruptcy!

It’s well known that Florence is substantially behind the state of Arizona in job creation.

I have no doubt that this pandemic will end and with its demise will come the renewal of our state economy. Locally, voters will need to consider if they are willing to suffer another four years of left-leaning, anti-jobs and anti-business "leadership" of Tara Walters and Kristen Larsen — or vote in a new slate of candidates, dedicated to shared values of family, jobs and economic development.

Bill Tanner