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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

We’ve all seen the video of George Lloyd’s last moments and the knee on his neck. Unbelievable. But the problem isn’t only with the knee guy, it’s with the other three who stood around and did nothing. But that’s us. All of us. We are afraid. We are brought up to “go with the flow,” “don’t make waves,” “stay out of it."

Where does this cowardice come from? Why don’t we possess the same amount of ferocity in defending what’s right as we do of complicity in approving the treatment of someone who is getting the life squeezed out of him?

Recall how many opportunities we’ve had to counter injustice on a small scale: when the bully is tormenting the wimp, when the boss repeatedly insults an employee in plain view, when we consistently ignore a member of the group as if they are invisible.

We can stop this. Yes, you will probably be punished. Just ask former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and any number of this administration’s former officeholders.

We can begin by teaching courage to our kids and by being an example of bravery to our peers. Then this would become the norm and displace the perverse inaction that looms over these reprehensible behaviors.

If just one of those three officers had shown courage to stand up for what was right, Mr. Lloyd would probably be alive today.

Deborah Broome

Arizona City