Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Basic and related facts about the "fraudit": 1) The debunked report from the clueless Cyber Ninjas has no credibility. The original recounts were accurate. 2) The way the most corrupt “president” in our history was “treated”/victimized, as suggested by his rabid supporters, has nothing to do with the election, or “fraudit," other than showing millions of voters would’ve crawled through broken glass to cast a vote ending the Trump nightmare. His many faults speak for themselves. 3) We do have many problems, problems Democrats are trying to solve despite the ever-present obstruction from the McConnell-led Retrumplicans. These problems won’t be solved by allowing the nation to default on its debts, an action promoted by McConnell and his ilk that would cause an estimated six million jobs and $15 trillion in wealth to be lost. They don’t care and they couldn’t be more despicable.

4) Trump did what any president would’ve done in fast-tracking the vaccines. He also showed total incompetence through misinformation, disinformation and insane ideas regarding ways to treat the virus. An estimated 300,000-plus lives could’ve been saved with a competent leader at the helm. 5) These facts do cause one to pause and reevaluate our current situation. A reevaluation that demands immediate congressional action to protect voting rights. 6) The American people must stand together to never let another Trumpian figure create a mess like this again. Yes, move on from 2020, but never forgive or forget the Trumpian insanity, so perfectly exemplified by the shameful “fraudit."

Ryan Summers

Casa Grande


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