Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Ryan Summers should get his facts in order before he decides to “clarify “ and “fact check.” Trump’s agreement with the Taliban hinged on them agreeing to negotiate with the existing Afghan government and prevent the use of any place in Afghanistan for use by any other group against the security of the U.S.! That promise was already broken when Biden became president. Biden’s announcement of his plans to completely withdraw from Afghanistan in April gave the Taliban the go-ahead to begin retaking the country. The complete abandonment of Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night without informing the Afghans was probably the most disgraceful act ever perpetrated on an ally. That air base was the support arm that helped the Afghan army keep the Taliban in check. Once it was clear we were out to save our own skin and we just took off in the dark of night, the Afghans lost hope!

Biden, ever the self promoter, regardless of any facts (top of his class in college, scholarship to law school and recently, drove an 18-wheeler, among many more fabricated claims) is now blaming Trump, of course, his staff, the Afghans, our military and just about anyone else for his decision to leave in a hurry. His claim about how many he saved fails to acknowledge that he stated many times in the past few months that no one would be left behind, yet he now boasts that he got 90% out before he quit. Ah, that’s 10% sacrificed to the whims of known murderers, Joe. He owns this debacle and we should have known better than to allow him to make any decisions like this. Those are the true facts!

B. Marsh

Casa Grande