Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Did the Divine Right of Kings against which our American revolutionary patriots fought almost 250 years ago make a comeback in America in 2016? I ask because Donald Trump and others claim, with all it implies, that he was chosen by God.

In America the president should be chosen by the people. Trump has never been chosen by the people. In 2016 he lost the popular vote by 3 million. In 2020 he lost the popular vote by 7 million when 81 million Democrats, independents and Republicans united in a resounding “no” to Trump.

Most Republican senators in what was formerly the “world’s greatest deliberative body” no longer deliberate but have become obsequious lords and ladies of the ruling class headed by Trump. Federal and state Republican house members and senators alike bow and scrape and hold their tongues and do his bidding. Too few continue to deserve their respected titles by being faithful to their oath to protect the Constitution — too few.

Muddled red-hatted minions claiming to be patriots mindlessly chant his slogans. He lies to them. He uses them. He plays them for cash. He insults them. They bow before him and bask in his phony majestic beneficence. They swear their allegiance and their lives not to our Constitution but to one man and the entitled ruling class he represents.

Losing a presidential election once meant congratulating the winner and stepping down from office graciously so the business of the people could proceed in a peaceful manner. It was about the country, not the person. All those who support Trump’s efforts to overturn the will of the people should be ashamed to call themselves Americans as they help him make his devil’s deal — the U.S. Constitution for a crown.

John Trainor