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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I should have known that if I gave specific examples of flaws in an election system that people would get fixated on candidate names. I should have inserted fictional Homer Simpson or Obi Wan Kenobi in my letter to make my point. Anytime any political party totally ignores election results in favor of a candidate the party leadership chooses — it is voter suppression. Anytime the fictional people (who design the graphic presentation of an election ballot) purposefully feature one candidate more easily, while visually burying the only other candidate still in the political race in the middle of a stack of non-viable names — it is a form of voter suppression.

It does not matter what the candidates' names are. It is manipulating the voting process and we need to stop doing it. I mentioned real names because this is a real problem. If the election process were truly fair, people wouldn’t be so (irritated).

And for the record: I believe the best candidates in 2020 would be Andrew Yang and Elizabeth Warren.

Yvonne Esther Johnson

Casa Grande