Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Just a few years ago, a toy device was introduced that caught on quickly. The devise was called "drone." The public was quick to purchase them. They were fun and the most expensive ones had unlimited altitude, were far ranging and had built-in live video surveillance ability.

Soon, as is often the case, these devices were misused, hovering over a neighbor's house, flying over a crime scene or in the path of landing aircraft at airports.

There was so much concern regarding the misuse of drones, the FAA got involved and passed regulations for drone operations.

Drones now are used by news network, fire and police, and by most governmental agencies; the drone's eyes in the sky eliminate a need for ground observation and make it safer for all.

I believe there is a human drone in the White House. It is operated by members of the socialist movement, which runs the Democrat Party.

The president is told what to say, where to go and how long the event will be. During most public appearances, he is prevented from answering questions and has remarked a couple of times, "I was told not to answer that question." Often during a very short presser, he is given a reminder card with correspondents' names on it who will ask prescreened questions. After a few questions he simply turns his back and disappears through an open door.

The socialists in the Democrat Party were confident that Biden could win the office of the President. They also knew he could not lead, so Biden became the first human drone in the White House.

Americans should demand the real truth regarding this president. Our future is in jeopardy as a nation, as a people and our position in the world community.

Ed Van Blaricum

Casa Grande