Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

The Democratic Party is the most corrupt political organization to have ever come to power. They started the bogus Trump-Russia collusion affair by paying for the dossier hoax and then placing their lies into the dossier. They then used it to falsely impeach President Trump. This is the most outrageous abuse of power initiated by a political party to have ever been thrust upon the American public. They now want total control over every facet of American lives! Vaccinations and mask mandates are the beginning phases to bring ever more mandates, controlling how we live and work, along with forced electric vehicles, forced green homes, forced kinds of foods that are kind to the environment, forced requirements for medical care, forced government-controlled methods of buying and selling goods and services.

They use climate change as a pretext to push their agendas upon us. They forget Almighty God controls the climate and will make it as hot or cold as he desires! Americans must stop embracing these Democratic Party-initiated ideals for what they really represent — socialism! Our economic well-being is now in great distress, with ever rising fuel and food prices. Our standard of living is purposely being reduced to make us more equal, removing any incentives to be rewarded for how well we do by increasing taxes to those who excel in order to pay for those who do nothing to excel but desire government handouts. This type of socialistic government is not what our framers of the American Constitution had in mind, with the Constitution being desecrated by the Democrats — an insult to all our military members, past and present, who fought and died to prevent this sort of thing from happening to our country. Remember what you are voting for in the next election.

Philip Menne

Casa Grande 


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Ralph Atchue

I'm wondering if Phil Menne is really Paul Gosar?? Both seem to be living in an alternate reality...

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