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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Regarding the recent kerfuffle over a prayer that wasn’t said at a Pinal County Board of Supervisors meeting on Nov. 3 (Pinal supervisors clash over blog post, rules), and those who jumped in the fray with comments, does the separation of church and state really need to be pointed out? This is a critical tenet of our democracy. Prayer belongs at your church, temple, synagogue, mosque, parochial school and in your heart, but most certainly not at a government meeting, a business meeting or a public school.

I am not a socialist or an atheist or an agnostic. But my religion and yours do not belong in a forum that is meant for the public, where everyone is free to worship or not, as he or she sees fit. It is discriminatory and offensive to invoke a particular religious belief at the start of a meeting, or in a school, if it does not apply to all. Our country was formed of diversity and freedom of religion. Respect for religion is shown by not imposing one above others, or imposing any in public and governmental forums.

Deborah Dorman



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John Trainor

Well said, Deborah.

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