Letters to editor logo 1-18-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Re article May 6, “Teachers must present both sides of ‘controversial issues’”:

It is truly remarkable that the GOP, which claims to be the party of limited government and personal freedom, finds so many ways to be all about legislative overreach and freedom killing. Just goes to show that actions speak much louder than words.

The Arizona GOP, following the radical right-wing lunacy sweeping across red state legislatures, is currently eyeballing ballots, perverting their own election laws, criminalizing women’s reproductive decisions and now sticking their intrusive noses into classrooms.

The GOP is redefining sex education to fit their extreme religious mythology, thus keeping students bewildered and less safe. Their newest bully assault on education raises “alternative facts” to equal status as truth. For example, teachers will be fined if they don’t teach the “good side” of slavery, the Holocaust and climate change. “Big lie” election results must be seriously presented along with actual voter tallies. Propaganda is being put on equal footing with facts, data and science.

Whether you’re a current or retired educator (that’s me), a parent, student or advocate for quality education, you should be outraged. Fact-based education is being subverted by political and conspiracy fueled indoctrination. Our youth will be influenced in the classroom by subjective opinion rather than objective truth. Let’s be clear, we don’t even know who decides which lies get spread first.

Politicians should not determine educational curriculum. The classroom must never become an indoctrination platform — I shudder when I picture German students of the 1930s and ‘40s wearing brown shirts and goose-stepping with arms raised in salute to the Fuhrer. SB1532, as amended, will take us in that horrible direction!

Susan Wortman

Casa Grande