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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

If a thief was robbing you at gun point, you would know what was stolen from you when the robbery was over.

It seems that there are actually people, American citizens, who question the need to present valid proof of citizenship to be able to vote. They are thieves too but what they are stealing you can’t see and won’t even miss until it’s too late.

When I hear that this simple, common sense requirement would somehow cause hardship to segments of the population, I wonder why? How? These very people are said to be poor or handicapped; unable to obtain the required identification for a whole variety of reasons. Their precious right to vote is being taken from them. Yet many, probably most of these people, need and seem to be able to obtain the necessary identification to purchase many things, receive unemployment benefits, rent or buy a home, purchase firearms, open a bank account, drive a car and a whole lot of other stuff requiring that valid ID.

Voting is in fact one of the most important rights we have. It is our voice. It determines who represents us; it protects our liberty, our very freedom.

The people we elect are responsible for a lot of the everyday things that affect our lives; they decide the taxes we pay and how that money is used. Are we really OK with non-citizens having a voice in those decisions?

Who are these people that think anyone should be able to vote in American elections? What are their motives?

Allowing absolutely everyone and anyone to have the vote whether or not they are a citizen makes no common sense. It is a lie and a bad, bad idea.

Please support Arizonans for Voter ID Act. Protect your vote; your choice!

Donna Wickard



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